Christmas is coming. Ranking of the best personal loans

Christmas is coming, a holiday season that makes our lives happy every year, with ornaments, music, sweets, walks and gifts. If you are one of the lucky ones that you gather as a family to celebrate, you must be very excited because there is little time left for the holidays.

However, for many it may mean a season of spending where stress is raised. But keep calm! We will give you some suggestions, to build a Christmas holiday budget.


1. Determine the limit of money you will spend

1. Determine the limit of money you will spend

The first thing you should do before the holiday season comes, is to establish how much you will have for this year’s expenses. Remember that you should only use that money that you are going to reserve.

Never spend more than you planned! Don’t be tempted to buy that expensive bottle of wine or that pair of shoes. If you fail this saving maneuver you will end up frustrated and without a penny.


2. Make your shopping list

It is time to start making your Christmas shopping list. Usually, this list includes: gifts, food, drinks, sweets, clothes, travel, ornaments, among others. Also, it is convenient that you divide your budget by categories, so that you assign to each element of the list the investment amount.

Planning with days in advance will allow you to get excellent products at very reasonable prices. This strategy will help you reduce expenses.


3. Purchase in cash

3. Purchase in cash

Avoid making your Christmas purchases with another payment method that is not effective. Do not fall into that great temptation to use your credit card, with the thought I buy today and then pay. Without realizing it, you will be full of debts that will be your ordeal in the new year.


4. Don’t miss Black Friday

Check the online catalogs early and don’t miss out on Black Friday sales. This holiday is a good opportunity to make advance purchases and take advantage of discounts. In addition, in many online stores you can place your orders without undergoing long lines or last minute trips.


5. Wrap your gifts

5. Wrap your gifts

It’s amazing everything you can save by wrapping Christmas presents yourself. You can even print a touch of creativity to your packaging using various types of recycled paper, ties and everything you can think of.

Importantly, your family and friends will appreciate more a gift wrapped with your own hands. In this way, you are demonstrating that you invested time, effort and love in each packaging.


6.Effect family activities that reduce expenses

For Christmas traditions to be memorable they don’t have to be expensive. They can think of activities that are cheaper and even free. For example, your family Christmas activities may include:

  • Visit the nativity scenes of the city where you live.
  • Go to the Christmas markets of the squares.
  • You visit the Christmas lights show in your region.
  • Stay home to watch a Christmas movie and enjoy seasonal tapas.
  • Visit Santa in a mall.
  • Bake cookies together with the family.
  • Go to church to listen to choirs with Christmas carols.


7. Save all year

2. Make your shopping list

The month of January is a good time to start saving for Christmas shopping. Each month has an amount for December purchases and you will be surprised how easy it will be to cover all expenses.


8. Apply for a loan online

It is no secret to anyone that Christmas is a time where everything increases in price and even if you are a wizard of family budgets. It is possible that some expenses may not be covered with the money set for these dates.

So one way to cover those unforeseen Christmas is through a personal loan. In general, these financing grants adequate amounts to what you need, they are processed quickly and you can pay them comfortably.

The best of all! It is that in a short time you will have the money available in your account.  

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